Who we are

Airbuy Inc. is a third party B2B platform for airlines and airports to optimize ancillary and commercial revenues respectively. Our beachhead market is duty-free. The day of sales at airports are primarily impulsive with a limited shopping window and limited digital touch points.

Airbuy provides passengers a personalized duty-free shopping experience, integrated across their entire journey and multiple digital touch points. This will be done via a machine learning recommendation engine for targeted marketing, and enhancing airline in-flight entertainment (IFE) e-commerce through on board Wi-Fi.

Startup Advisors and Team

Airbuy is an MIT and CMU backed startup comprising experts in the airport domain, machine learning and digital marketing. We have combined 40 years of experience in the aviation and big data industry.

An advisory team based in MIT and CMU with deep industry experience has been assembled.

Faculty Mentors

Airbuy has also sought an experience panel of faculty advisors who can propel the company’s growth with deep industry expertise.

Industry Mentors

Airbuy got recently accepted to AlphaLab, one of the nation’s leading accelerator program. AlphaLab is based out of Pittsburgh, PA - home to Google Shopping/ML teams. Here we have industry mentors with significant experience in e-commerce and Machine Learning.

Technology Partners

Airbuy is also a member of Amadeus for Startups - an industry-first program that supports startups with technology and expertise enabling them to tap into applications for travel reservations, and connect and serve customers effectively and efficiently. Since Amadeus sits at the intersection of travel and technology, we are uniquely positioned to support all players in the travel arena and fast track their success.


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