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The problem

Airlines and airports are not optimizing duty-free revenues.

In-flight duty-free sales, managed internally or by third parties, have limited product offerings and generalized marketing.

In airports, Passengers face search costs in making desired duty-free purchases in a generally short span of pre-boarding time. Airport duty-free e-commerce has so far been ineffective due to limited outreach

The solution

Airbuy’s third party platform will complement the existing airline duty-free offerings by bridging the gap between airlines and airports.

Airline’s in-flight journey time and Airport’s plethora of duty-free products, offered by multiple concessionaires, will be bridged and enhanced by Airbuy’s e-commerce intervention.

This will extend the airport duty-free shopping window for passengers, which will be personalized using bridged data on passenger duty-free preferences.

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The result

A solution that is profitable to both businesses as well as users.
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Personalized content

Based on passengers’ profile such as origin/ destination, time of flight, nationality and cabin class.

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Wi - Fi system

The customized marketing will be delivered via airline’s inflight Wi-Fi systems leveraging e-commerce channels of airports.

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Reduce search costs

Significantly reduce search costs and enhance the outreach of e-commerce channel for duty-free.

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Convenient Purchase

E-commerce also augments purchasing convenience by allowing pre-orders and varied delivery and pick up options.

Airbuy’s machine learning platform has already evaluated duty-free data for three airports and it can:

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Targeted marketing to get more people to buy

Predict which products will be purchased based on passenger profile

4-7 %

with upside potential

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Targeted marketing to get people to buy more

Predict which products have a tendency to be purchased together

1-2 %

with upside potential